Friday, 14th June 2019

8:00 h   

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9:00 h            

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Prof. Dr. Dieter Drescher, Dusseldorf/Germany
Prof. Dr. Benedict Wilmes, Dusseldorf/Germany
TAD Starter Course
Skeletal anchorage in the anterior palate, 
an introduction for starters – 

Insertion, impression, RME with Hybrid Hyrax,
Mentoplate, distalization, mesialization,
molar anchorage, molar intrusion and uprighting,
forced eruption of impacted teeth.

Dr. Rudolf Meyer, Thun/Schweiz
Dr. Fabrizio D´Amico, Thun/Schweiz
Dr. Andreas Schiffer, Lübeck/Germany
BEGG – Tip-Edge Course
The BEGG philosophy and Tip-Edge orthodontics
new horizons for fixed appliance therapy


12:30 h lunch break

13:30 h


Opening EBSO congress 2019:
BEGG meets BENEfit
Prof. Dr. Björn Ludwig and Prof. Dr. Benedict Wilmes                 

13:45 h

Dr. Jay Bowman, Portage/USA
Everything But the Kitchen Sink...from BEGG to Bolts in Orthodontics

14:30 h

Dr. Björn Ludwig, Traben Trarbach/Germany
News on TADS

15:00 h coffee break

15:30 h        

Prof. Dr. Benedict Wilmes, Dusseldorf/Germany
The BENEfit Story

16:00 h

Prof. Dr. Dieter Drescher, Dusseldorf/Germany 
What comes next in skeletal anchorage?             

16:30 h

Sinan Hamadeh, Hennef/Germany
Maxillary Molar Distalization with the Topjet appliance: a skeletal anchorage device              

17:15 h

Dr. Fabrizio D'Amico, Thun/Switzerland
Tip-Edge Plus Orthodontics        

17:00 h

expected end       

19:30 h

Gala-Dinner, KAMEHA-Dome 
Dresscode: black tie                 

Saturday, 15th June 2019

9:00 h

Prof. Dr. Ravi Nanda, Connecticut/USA
Innovations in Orthodontics – a never ending Story – a clinical compass

9:45 h

Simon Graf, Belp/Switzerland
CAD/CAM – The printed future of the Benefit-System

10:15 h

Dr. Philipp Eigenwillig, Brandenburg/Germany
TADmatch – Precise miniscrew placement simplified

10:45 h coffee break

11:15 h   


Dr. Renzo de Gabriele, Veglie/Italy
odt. Gianluca Dallatana, Parma/Italy
Easy Driver protocol makes a difference for both patients and orthodontists
when utilizing palatal TADs - WHY?

11.45 h

Dr. Steffen Decker, London/GB
Digital treatment planning: Lingual meets Benefit. What you plan is what you get.

12:15 h

Dr. Nour Eldin Tarraf, Sydney/Australia
Multitasking with palatal TADS in a private practice: how does it work?

12:45 h lunch break

14:15 h

Dr. Shuji Yamaguchi, Saitama/Japan
Dr. George Anka, Tokyo/Japan
Just another BENEfit with a flavor from the East                                     

14:45 h 

Dr. Jan Willmann, Dusseldorf/Germany
Application of different CAD-CAM workflows in orthodontic practice

15:15 h 

Dr. Ashley Smith, Toowoomba/Australien
CBCT, INSIGNIA and the BENEfit appliance

3:45 h coffee break

16:15 h

Dr. Bruno di Leonardo, Triest/Italy
Maxillary expansion: different approaches according                            
to patient’s individual skeletal maturation

16:45 h


Prof. Dr. Dr. Bernd Lapatki, Ulm/Germany
Skeletal anchorage - translating biomechanics and
laboratory research to clinical applications

17:20 h

expected end of the congress 2019

BEGG meets BENEfit
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Schrannenstraße 4, 86150 Augsburg