Unique orthodontics event in Bonn in 2019

In June 2019 the orthodontist interested in international state-of-the-art orthodontics can experience a very special highligt: the merger of two top-class events into one unique event! From 14th to 15th of June 2019 Bonn is all about: "BEGG meets BENEfit"!

For one, the European Society for Lightwire Begg Technique - in short, the EBSO (European Begg Society of Orthodontics) - which celebrated 50 years in Amsterdam in 2017 will host its biennial congress in Germany. Secondly, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Benefit Users' Meeting, which attracts hundreds of colleagues each year, EBSO President Dr. Björn Ludwig and Professor Dr. Benedict Wilmes, President of the Benefit Users' Meeting, decided to create a special high-profile orthodontic meeting. Since both are not only excellent orthodontists but friends as well, the idea of a joint event soon became reality. The result is reflected in the title: BEGG meets BENEfit, tradition meets innovation. 

One focus will be on the new digital opportunities: CAD-CAM manufactured insertion templates as well as 3D printed equipment may revolutionize orthodontics. “BEGG meets BENEfit“ wants to embrace this alliance. The result is a program no ambitious colleague should miss.

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Education credits With your participation at the congress you will receive the following education credits:

Precongress-course EBSO                    5 Points

Precongress-course BENEfit                 5 Points 

Congress BEGG meets BENEfit           11 Points

The right to make amendments is reserved